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Editing Services

Infofacility is offering authors Editing Services at reasonable rates to get their manuscripts polished and ready for submission to their journal of choice. English editing and manuscript polishing according to the journal guidelines increases the rate of acceptance of manuscript by about 35%.

By using our Editing Services, you can be sure that your English-language manuscript will be polished and ready for submission to your publication of choice at a very reasonable price. When you use our service, you will find that we correct grammar, delete redundancies, fix problem sentences, and even sharpen your vocabulary. We also edit for overall wordiness, replace inappropriate words, and eliminate obvious spelling errors. To improve the overall clarity and organization of your manuscript, we even re-arrange sentences and paragraphs if necessary.

Because our number one goal is to respect your writing style and the overall tone of your manuscript, we only make and recommend substantive English language revisions when necessary.

Brief Overview:

  • Manuscript editing and polishing by high-quality, language and science editors
  • A straightforward, low-cost pricing structure
  • Making the manuscript ready as per the journal guidelines
  • Changing the manuscript to a different journal guideline

Please get in touch with us to avail our Editing Services.


Manuscript Processing Charges

Manuscript Processing Fee