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Any person having specialization in his field of study can start a new Open Access journal with Infofacility. You should be able to review the papers or get them reviewed from other experts.

Yes, you can conatct us to start a journal in any field as long as you are able to review the submitted manuscripts or get them reviewed from other experts in the field.

No. Infofacility will be looking after all the technical aspects of the Open Access journal. But you shouid have basic Internet browsing knowledge and MS Office skills.

Your main responsibility will be to undertake all communication with the authors. You will also be required to get the manuscripts reviewed and decide on their acceptance or rejection.

You will need to coordinate with the authors and Infofacility to smoothly process the manuscripts Issues published on time.

Infofacility will provide you with all the tools required to effectively manage the Open Access journal. It will also manage all the technical aspects of the journal and publish the Issues.

Yes. A written agreement will be signed between you and Infofacility with all the details. 

Yes. Infofacility will share the profits with you and details will be mentioned in the agreement.

Yes. For more details please get in touch with us.


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